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Lean Six Sigma High School-Lean Six Sigma Curriculum Mobile

Lean Six Sigma professionals and those who have the knowledge and skills to use it often have better career prospects and more job opportunities within their organizations or any industry they choose to be part of. Thus, as long as the training is done correctly, high school students can still benefit from LSS as they can reap the same benefits as those working or considered professionals in their stages of life. We offer all the training and certification required for students in Mobile, Alabama, so they can gain the career advantages and opportunities they need.

At Lean Six Sigma Curriculum for Mobile High School Students of Alabama, we make sure to establish an entire program within schools if we are asked by the institution or offer training to individuals, as we know some students don’t want—and shouldn’t—wait for their schools to request it.

LSS is often misunderstood as a tool that only professionals and companies can use to improve their processes since the methodology’s inception dates back to the late 80s when it was utilized in the manufacturing industry alone.

However, Lean Six Sigma’s beauty lies in the fact that anyone can apply it and even get a job in a company without having any previous experience.

How can students benefit from this approach? And will they only see the benefits once they begin working?

LSS requires problem-solving skills, as well as the ability to work with others in a group and be responsible. It is simple and enhances everyone’s skills, so you will get more benefits than just being able to work in a company or add value to your curriculum. 

This allows students to gain the necessary skills and knowledge to be able to manage their daily activities and also be more competitive in any goal and path they establish and choose.

Now, only the yellow and green LSS belts, which represent the introductory and intermediate levels of the methodology, are available. If you’re a student, school board, or institution interested in the LSS belts, this is all you need, and you will be able to have access to them as other belts require experience and time in implementing the methodology.

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Learning About Lean Six Sigma

Training goes beyond the development of skills mentioned above as it also includes LSS principles and concepts—let’s not forget about the essentials here.

Students should be able to understand the system and how to work in an LSS group in the near future. They will also be able to apply the knowledge gained from their LSS training to any industry, company, or project.

Like regular courses, the belt will determine the topics and skills that are covered. The only belts that are available to students in yellow and green are the ones you will need, and along with them, the certificate is issued by our company:

  • Training in the yellow belt.

They will learn the basics of terminology, methodology, data collection, how it works, and principles and concepts.

We will also work on other elements that will allow them to think, make decisions, gain confidence, and learn how to manage their tasks.

  • Green belt training.

Lean Six Sigma goes beyond just theory; thus, this level will cover the major topics and the practical part of the methodology and training: DMAIC and SIPOC, Risk mitigation, Regression Analysis, and Problem-solving.

Six Sigma Access for Students

Two options are available for students who want to access the training and methodology:

  • LSS online course.
  • LSS in-person training.

We want them to feel at ease and be able to learn in the LSS green belt or yellow belt at their own pace while finding comfort.

When they apply for our training, they can complete a yellow belt within one to two weeks and in 20 hours on average, while a green belt takes between 2 to 3 weeks, and you will have to dedicate about 25+ hours.

However, to get green belt training, you must first be certified in the yellow belt.

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On the other hand, if you are a student or school thinking about how this will benefit you, remember that you have an entire list to consider as you get trained and certified in any of the belts available—or both of them—:

  • More college options.
  • Valuable skills.
  • Possibility to earn a high salary.
  • Apply for small and medium-sized jobs.
  • You will be able to collaborate with and organize in groups more effectively.
  • It will boost your confidence.
  • It is possible to grow personally.